Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm here! I really am!

Ugh--I've been the worst blogger ever lately! And the most ironic thing is that I get really antsy waiting for my friends to update their blogs :) So this might be long, but I'll try to keep you updated on what we've been doing the past month.

We went to the Oregon Coast for our Anniversary (May 22, 4 years!) and one day we ventured from Cannon Beach to Tillamook. We toured the cheese factory, which was awesome (there were lots of samples :) ) and there was also a delicious grill and an ice cream shop with over 40 flavors of ice cream! How can a pregnant girl go wrong??

We also went to the Pioneer museum in Tillamook. It was also really neat-there was a room full of weaponry, from Indian arrowheads and spears to Civil War rifles. There was also a re-created Pioneer house, a doll collection, a Victorian style room, and much more--including a LARGE taxidermy display! (My LEAST favorite, and probably Scott's most favorite :) )

Here I am outside the Pioneer Museum--not the best tummy shot, but you can kind of see it. I'm 17 weeks here.

We drove out to the point and saw the Cape Mears Lighthouse and the Octopus tree-- a HUGE Sitka Spruce that looks like an upside-down octopus, shaped by strong coastal winds. It was SO cold and SO windy.

After the beach, we stayed in Portland for 3 nights and saw some of our dear friends. Here are Adam and Scott with their beer samplers at Rock Bottom Brewery. We also had dinner with one of my best friends from college, Angela--she cooked us a DELICIOUS meal and her sister, Jen, and boyfriend (now fiance!) Ben were there. All in all, it was a great trip. Very relaxing and a much needed vacation! We are in Florida right now for a work conference for Scott, so I'll update about that soon--I promise!


Princess Diaries said...

We love Tillamook! In fact, #1 would give directions to the beach by saying first you stop for ice cream at the cheese factory! ;)

Vicki said...

Jordi, you just look so darn cute! I just love how much you glow! Looks like you guys had a good time!

The Momma Chronicles said...

Jordan, you are the most beautiful little pregnant thing I've ever seen. I don't know how you FEEL, but you LOOK amazing.