Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 6 months Luke!


At 6 months, you...

...LOVE to play with your toes...and sometimes you suck on them! your snuggly little giraffe blanket

...roll all over the place, from back to tummy to back, and can scoot to get things

...don't talk often, but when you do you have the sweetest, softest little voice

...LOVE to eat!!! You hate to be stopped to burp :)

...reach out and touch faces of the people you know

...give momma lots and lots of kisses, you grab my face and pull it towards you to snuggle to go to bed. When you're ready, you're ready, and no one better get in your way!

...don't really like to be laying down anymore, you would rather be upright, observing the world

...have the best grin--it lights up your whole face, and you give smiles so easily to play in your exersaucer--the pig toy and the green teether are your favorite

...LOVE the bath! You try to put your feet down so your head goes's getting quite difficult to bathe you :)

...still try to suck your thumb all the time

...have been teething for over 2 months now, but still no teeth to show for it! it when Daddy sings to you

...have two big dimples, one in each cheek

...are getting so long and strong, and you are so lovable and kissable that's all I do all day!!!

Happy 6 months Emily!


at 6 months, you...

...ALWAYS have your ankles crossed, just like a little lady non-stop! Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, but usually all day long!

...cross your wrists and put your hands in front of your face when you're sleepy

...flip your left hand over and suck on your middle two fingers and giggle, especially for Daddy to play on your gym and in your exersaucer

...lift your legs up and slam them down when you're laying on your back

...hit your side with your right arm when you're excited taking baths

...suck on your bottom lip

...have the teeniest, tiniest feet ever...the 0-3 month shoes still fall off your ankles! to feel textures, like blankets and pants

...your favorite song is the itsy bitsy spider LOVE this little stuffed dinosaur like to chew on his feet and tail :) wake up in the middle of the night just to happily babble, and when we go in to put your pacifier back in, you give us the most adorable, excited squeal...

...are SO difficult to have been a picky eater since the day you were born!

...have chubby wrists and feet and cheeks, and are so soft and snuggly and kissable, that's what I spend all day doing!

To be fair...

...I thought I should put up a picture of the babies in their Cougar getup.

Please don't begrudge the cute babies their ugly outfits ;-)

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