Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

...is nothing. Really. This year, I have all I've ever wanted. It was just last Christmas, though it seems like so long ago now, that this dream seemed so out of reach...

When we got married, (almost 5 years now!) we had every intention of waiting several years before starting our family. We wanted to have fun, travel, get to know each other. It was just three months to the day of our wedding, however, that sweet baby Isaac was born to our dear friends Bill and Vicki. We decided maybe we didn't want to wait so long, and maybe we would just see what happened.

We waited and waited...saw a doctor, who said to wait some more...no luck. After 3 years of this, I decided to make an infertility appointment with a new doctor. He seemed so optimistic, and said that we had every chance of getting pregnant...we were young and healthy, and he started me on infertility drugs. Three months went by, and nothing. Up the dosage. Three more months, nothing. Up the dosage again. At this point Dr. Smith suggested that I might have endometriosis, and scheduled a surgery to look for/take care of the problem. So last December 7, I had the surgery. I didn't have endometriosis, but he did find another problem- I was born with both of my tubes closed. The doctor was so sweet about it, saying that he hoped he was wrong, but in all his years of doing this surgery he hadn't been wrong yet.

So we spent last Christmas researching other options, trying to come to terms with the fact that although we could still have children, it wouldn't happen the conventional way. I cried for days, weeks really. We moved on. Stopped the drugs. Made an appointment with a specialist in Spokane. Made an appointment for one last test to make sure the tubes were really blocked.

It was at this appointment that a miracle occurred! We watched the screen as the test showed the dye reaching the first tube: blocked. The second tube: blocked. Then all of a sudden, one broke free! It came unblocked! The next month I was pregnant. I got to cancel my appointment in Spokane, and the day before that appointment would have been, we found out that we were having twins. Two babies. Two miracles!

So this year, I have everything I have ever wanted: A faithful and loving God, who knew the deepest desire of my heart and gave it to me, times two. Two sweet babies, who remind me every day that miracles do happen. A Savior who came into this world as a baby Himself.

And really, how could I ever want more?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pictures with Santa!

We got Emily and Luke's picture taken with Santa a few weekends ago...it turned out so cute! Can't wait for next year to see if anyone cries...bet it's Luke!

10 weeks!

The babies are 10 weeks old today! I can't believe it. Time really flies...last week they had their two month well check with Dr. Everett. They are doing great! Emily weighs 8 lbs, 14 oz, and is 21 3/4 inches long! She's in the 10th percentile for weight, but the 26th for length! Luke weighs 10 lbs!!!! What a chunky monkey! He is 22 inches long. He's in the 15th percentile for weight and almost the 20th for length. Their percentiles don't seem very high, but considering they were twins and 3 weeks early, and not being measured on the preemie scale, they are doing quite well. We just love these little miracles so much, and cannot believe how much joy they have brought into our lives...they are smiling on a regular basis now, and are starting to babble! They love laying on the floor playing on their little "gyms," and Luke especially loves his swing. They also love looking at the lights on the Christmas tree! They have changed so much in these 10 weeks, and we can't wait to see what else is in store!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We love sweater vests!

Don't my babies look so cute in these sweet little sweater vests? They were handmade by the Queen, can you believe it? Oh, to be so talented...She is having a sweet baby boy very soon, and I can't wait to see all the duds she knits up for him!

For Angela

Angela gave Luke and Emily these sweet little soft loveys...and recently Luke has really taken to his! He loves snuggling it, and it usually puts him right to sleep. I love the way he buries his little hands in it and rubs it on his cheek...

Thanks twin! We all love and miss you guys!

Congratulations Natascha!!!!

A few weeks ago my dear friend Natascha came all the way from San Francisco to visit us and meet Luke and Emily! It was a wonderful visit; we had so much fun visiting, laughing, and of course eating :) But the best news came the next week when we found out Natascha passed the California BAR exam!!!!! Congratulations to the newest hot shot attorney in the Bay Area, we are SO proud of you!!!!!!