Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

In honor of Scott's 28th birthday today, I thought I would share a story about him...he doesn't get much face time on the blog! As most of you probably know, Scott is into deals. When I say "into", I mean that he spends the majority of his free time (which isn't much these days) searching for his hot deals. When he finds one, he jumps! The most recent deal was at Lowe's. I stood with two very tired babies the other night while Scott scoured the aisles for special packages of batteries that contained $10 off $50 coupons, then stood there while he contemplated how to best split up our items so as to get the most bang for our buck, so to speak. Most shopping trips with Scott involve multiple transactions :) When I asked him why we spent so much time looking for batteries when we were just essentially paying 10 dollars to get a 10 dollar off coupon, he said that we were doing it because we got the coupon and it was like getting the batteries for free. Oh. I didn't remind him that he doesn't let us actually use alkaline batteries. (We use only rechargeable batteries. There was a deal on those, too. In fact, we have 6 battery chargers just hanging around! But I digress, as that is a long story for another day.)

Then there was the deal with the HD DVDs. As that format has now given way to Blu-Ray, all the movies are dropping in price, thus leading the way into hot deal territory! We just got a delivery the other day from Canada of 14 movies...(I can't complain about this one too much though, as the order included Pride and Prejudice, and he actually watched it with me.) I usually find out first thing in the morning what we will be getting in the mail that week, as Scott tends to do his dealing at night. You would think being up so many times in the night would just make you tired, but Scott sees this as an opportunity to surf for hot deals and jump on them as soon as they become available! Talk about making lemonade!

Scott's love of hot deals is one of the many, many things I love about him. He is the best husband, and it has been pure joy for me to watch him with the babies. He truly loves being a dad and he is a great one! I'm looking forward to many more birthdays together! Happy Birthday, Scott!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Luke has taken to sucking his thumb lately. He slips it under his pacifier and pops it out, then slides that thumb right in. It's not usually that smooth, actually, most of the time he gags himself, and he seems to enjoy the act of trying to get his thumb in his mouth more than actually keeping it there. I don't really want him to be a thumb sucker, seeing as how you can't take it away like you can a pacifier, but it's just so darn cute! Plus, when you have two screaming babies one who can pacify himself is very appealing...

It could be, however, that he just likes sucking it because it tastes good. That would explain why Emily likes to suck on it too!

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