Thursday, January 22, 2009


Luke has taken to sucking his thumb lately. He slips it under his pacifier and pops it out, then slides that thumb right in. It's not usually that smooth, actually, most of the time he gags himself, and he seems to enjoy the act of trying to get his thumb in his mouth more than actually keeping it there. I don't really want him to be a thumb sucker, seeing as how you can't take it away like you can a pacifier, but it's just so darn cute! Plus, when you have two screaming babies one who can pacify himself is very appealing...

It could be, however, that he just likes sucking it because it tastes good. That would explain why Emily likes to suck on it too!

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Castle Diaries said...

I agree, thumb-sucking is so cute!! And I love how he's so willing to share with his sister-that bodes well! :)