Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Standing man

Bed head

At the lake

On Saturday, we took a spontaneous day trip!!! Gayla's cousins had flown into town to visit for a few days, and we decided to head up to the lake to say hi! The babies enjoyed their first trip to the lake, even though it was woefully abbreviated :)

Luke loved having his feet in the water, he splashed and splashed!

Emily, not so much :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Where's June?

Can't believe it's July already! I feel like June flew by. We've been busy!

We took a family trip to Indiana. With the babies. On an airplane. With the babies. ON A PLANE. Well, it was a big deal to us :) We had a great time, lots of pictures and stories coming soon!

We had a great little get-together for the 4th...lots of fun pictures from that, too!

Luke is a standing man. A pulls-himself-up, no-stopping-him-now, standing man. Wow! Where is my baby???

Em is still just happy where she is! No crawling yet, but she moves from a sitting position onto her hands and knees now. Or onto her belly, rather. That head is just. so. HEAVY! :) But when she wants something, she goes for it!

So that's us for now...more posts coming soon, if July doesn't disappear like June did! Here's a little something for you in the interim :)