Monday, June 30, 2008


Our ultrasound went pretty well on Thursday, except we didn't get any good pictures of the babies! It takes SO long for them to do these ultrasounds (almost an hour and a half), and they spend most of the time measuring everything and making sure stuff looks good. Well, everything looks good, but we didn't even get to see their faces! They can do the 3-D ultrasounds with this machine, so I was hoping for some good pictures to put up. The babies were just moving around too much, and it took him a really long time to get all the necessary stuff done so we didn't get to play around in 3-D. Oh well, maybe next time.

The babies are doing really well! Baby A (she's the girl) is on the bottom and she weighs 1 lb, 2 ounces! She's head down, which is good since she's been breech up until this ultrasound. She moves ALL the time. I can tell she's gonna be a feisty one!

Baby B (he's the boy) is on the top, laying sideways. He's very mellow...I can feel him move, but he doesn't move NEARLY as much as Baby A does. Hopefully I'll have at least one easy baby! He weighs 1 lb, 1 ounce, and the doctor is amazed at how close they are staying to each other (growth wise). Apparently fraternal twins can grow at different's kind of like having 2 pregnancies, except they are happening at the same time! So Dr. Kates is surprised that they continue to be so close together (last time they were only 6 grams apart!).

For more exciting news, we got a bunch of baby stuff! This weekend we went hog wild and bought 2 cribs, a changing table, a travel system (stroller/car seat combo) and a pack n play! I'll post pictures when I take some. All of the bedding has come now, and we're expecting a big box from Carter's to come today! I'm starting to get really if only our basement was done!

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