Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

It's so nice to be home! We were in Orlando last week for 9 days...Scott attended Microsoft TechEd, and I spent the week relaxing! It was a great week, but I'm glad to be home. Traveling when you're pregnant is just not the same as traveling when you're not. However, Scott had a great time at his conference, he learned a lot, and I had a great week shopping and laying by the pool! Being in the pool was SO wonderful! I am trying to convince Scott that we need one now :) We got some great baby shopping done--I picked out my baby bags (actually, Scott picked them out--who knew?) and we got lots of great stuff at the Carter's outlet. And we ordered the crib bedding! We don't have cribs yet, but that's another story :) I'll post pictures of all the great stuff when it gets here. This week I'm working on relaxing and doing laundry, and then we are going to the lake this weekend with some friends. Should be a nice, relaxing time that doesn't involve airplanes, rental cars, or work!
We didn't spend ALL our time working--here we are at the Magic Kingdom!

And finally, the much requested and anticipated belly shot. It's getting quite big, no? 20 weeks-half way there! I'm betting it's going to get much bigger than this! (gotta love the Bella Band!)


Angela said...

It's the most beautiful belly I've ever seen!

The Snyder's said...

i love the belly shot. even though i see you daily.... i have to say this pic really shows the babies. can't wait to meet them!!! loves!

Vicki said...

Miraculous little belly! I have to say, it looks so good on you!