Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

Since we moved in, almost 4 years ago, we've always had problems with our lawn. At first, we didn't have one in the back. Then we put in sprinklers and seed, and sure enough, a lawn came up. A tiny, sparse, crunchy, brown lawn. Not the kind you picture in your head when you are putting down the seed. It's been like this the past 3 years. Last year was a little better, but you still couldn't walk on it barefoot, it was just too prickly. This year, however, is a different story. We are on irrigation now, and I don't know if it's the difference in the water or it just finally decided to start acting like a lawn, but our yard is, no other word for it, LUSH. It's amazing! We keep having to mow and mow, and it just keeps growing! And it's green! And SOFT! However, Scott has been pretty busy at work these past few weeks, and we neglected to mow the back for 3 weeks. This is when I affectionately dubbed it "The Jungle." It was so long that when the wind blew, it looked like amber--umm, green--waves of grain. It was so long that it Scott had to mow it twice--it took the poor guy two nights. All that grass filled up our entire garbage can and TEN big black garbage bags. I was a little worried that the garbage man wouldn't take them all, but he did. During all his mowing, Scott, being the nature boy he is, found a little mouse hiding in our grass. He of course took about a million pictures of it, and after reassuring me that there was NO WAY it could get into our house (I still have my doubts) I'm putting one up here for him. The Jungle is no more, and hopefully we will stay on top of it more for the rest of the summer! And the mice will go back to the fields they belong in!


Bill, Vicki, Isaac, and Kate Parramore said...

Is that a mouse or a gopher? Hmmmm. I am by no means a nature girl so I'll just take your word for it! How lucky it is to have a nice lush, green yard to live in! Good thing the neighbors have cats! I really enjoyed this post Jordi!

Princess Diaries said...

Hey there-found your blog today. Very cool! I just found a mouse in our dog biscuit box out in the garage and thought I trapped him in there til hubby got home, but he got out and went home. Wherever that is . . . yikes!!