Thursday, December 9, 2010

One of those days...

It's 11:00 and it's already been one of those days! 

Emily is in a no-sleeping phase.  Which I really don't get and REALLY don't appreciate.  She has woken up before 7 every morning this week, which might seem late to some, but is early around here...they usually sleep until 8 or after.  Last night she went to bed fine, but we could hear her in there talking and playing until AFTER 10:30.  And of course, she woke up about 6:45 this morning.  Which makes for a tired, cranky kiddo who has been crying for most of the morning.  I'm hoping for an early nap and a very early bedtime!!!

Luke has been, essentially, potty training himself.  He comes to me about 10 times a day, without a diaper, telling me he has to go potty.  And he goes.  Every single time.  It's really laziness on my part that has kept us from just doing it, but I'm thinking it's time.  I can't ignore the nekkid buns much longer :)

Scott's car has been leaking coolant, so he took mine to work this morning.  At least, he took it about a block before it died on him.  ??!?!?  Soooo...I guess we'll be fixing both cars in the near future!

I finally got to take a quick shower a few minutes ago, so things are looking up!!!  Just an hour until lunch and then nap time!!!  Hope your days are going much smoother than mine!!!

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Castle Diaries said...

Those days are the worst! Cade has been getting up really early too (6:15 or earlier), but I guess he is getting better from an ear infection . . . at least that is what my sanity is clinging to.
Awesome that Luke is doing so well on the potty training thing-reminds me of Grace. I totally wasn't ready for her to start, but she wouldn't take "no" for an answer! :)