Saturday, December 4, 2010

We took the kiddos to see Santa today.  They were so excited!!!  They talked about it all last night, and this morning, and all the way there, and in line...and then we got to Santa.  Luke totally stopped in his tracks, and refused to sit on his lap.  Emily screamed her head off and clung to Scott's neck like we were trying to throw her off a cliff or something.  Santa made ME sit on his lap (barf!) in hopes that it would calm everyone down...Luke sat on my lap but Emily was still glued to Scott.  The plus side is that there is a Santa picture of me at exactly the same age screaming my head off :)  But all in all, not the cheery, happy holiday experience I was envisioning.

We put the kiddos down for their naps and I gleefully went off to the grocery store by myself.  (I try to go by myself if AT ALL POSSIBLE because the last time I took the kids to the grocery store Luke cancelled the entire transaction by pushing random buttons on the credit card machine while I was chasing Emily down.  ahem.)  The store was PACKED and there was lots of crimson and gray...but I was pleased to see a few Husky fans as well :) 

I hadn't been to the store in a while, what with all the snow and ice and general busy-ness that has been going on around here, and my cart was pretty full.  While I was unloading, the lady behind me said to her husband, "Why would anyone buy so much food?  They must be preparing for a storm!  But there isn't a storm coming! I don't think I've ever seen so many groceries!  Look at all that bread!"  To be fair, I did have several coupons that were about to expire, so I was stocking up on cereal and a few other things, but I only had 2 loaves of bread.  Scott said they probably weren't talking about me, but it seemed pretty obvious...especially since she later said, "of COURSE she has coupons too!  *grumpy huffy sigh*"  It was actually pretty funny.  I wonder if it was her first time at Wal-Mart.

I tried to buy a coupon card thingy from a cute little guy selling them for the local high school wrestling team, but he didn't have any change.  Poor guy, he was really disappointed.  It was cold out there.

We are staying in tonight, listening to the Apple Cup on the radio and then having a pizza movie night after we put the kids to bed.  Happy Saturday!

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