Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby Brunch!!!!

We had a great time in Portland last weekend! It was nice and relaxing--we had lunch with Adam and Staci, Angela made us dinner, and of course we had the baby brunch!! It was just lovely--lots of good friends and lots of good food! Always the best combination for a perfect party :) We didn't do much else, just a little shopping--although it's hard to shop when you're not supposed to be on your feet for more than 30 minutes at a time. We managed it though! Here are some pictures from our wonderful brunch. I'll put them up, although I want everyone to know that I am NOT as fat as these pictures make me look :(

Thank you Angela for such a fantastic weekend!!! I love you!!!

Cute baby balloon

Adam and Staci

Dave, Sara (hidden :) ) and Scott

Lovely gifts

Ben and Angela, world's best hosts and the cutest engaged people I know :)

Opening presents

Sara and Dave

yay for cute baby dresses!

Angela, Sara and I

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