Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm back! We have been so crazy here lately...the basement is almost done, the nursery is almost done, the babies are almost seems like time is flying and there is definitely not enough of it! We've been keeping busy with doctor's appointments and house projects...I'll try to be better about updating more frequently!

This is what I looked like at 30 weeks. This week we had our regular appointment and our ultrasound, and on the ultrasound they found out that Baby B has an umbilical vein varix. This is basically a varicose vein of the umbilical cord--it's herniated a little bit where his cord enters his tummy. It's nothing to be too worried about, but it needs to be watched closely--since the vein is wider there, blood could pool and cause a clot. If this happens, the babies have to be born relatively quickly so the clot doesn't travel into the baby. Dr. Kates told us blood clots are rare--but so is the varix in the first place. We've been moved up to weekly ultrasounds to monitor the progress. This week they measured the babies and Baby A weighs 3 lbs, 6 oz and Baby B weighs 3 lbs, 2 oz! That's 6 1/2 lbs of baby and lots of weeks to go still!

This was yesterday, at 31 weeks! Look how much bigger I've gotten in just one week! These babies are really growing fast! We had our usual lineup of appointments...Dr. Smith said everything looks great, I don't have any signs of preterm labor or anything so I should hopefully be okay for a few more weeks! He wants to start giving me non-stress tests, so next Tuesday will be my first one. I'm not quite sure how they work, but I'll let you know on Tuesday! He says with the babies being monitored by the NST (non-stress test) at the beginning of the week and ultrasound at the end of the week, we should be able to keep them in there for as long as possible. We went to Dr. Kates in the afternoon, and the varix hasn't gotten any bigger nor has it developed a clot. Yay! It was a day of good news! Next week we start having THREE appointments a week! Whew!

Last Friday we painted the nursery! You can't really see the border, but it has blue, pink, and yellow Hawaiian flowers with little green leaves. The crib sheets are Hawaiian and are bright colors as well, so it should look really cute!

Here is Scott starting to assemble the took awhile! Luckily, the second one went much faster than the first! I tried to be helpful but mostly laid on the floor and watched :)

Here are the cribs, all put together! I will post more pictures when the rest of the room gets done. This weekend we have to find a dresser to go in the closet, and then I can get everything washed and put away! I can't wait to have it finished and ready for the babies, whenever they decide to come!

I also have pictures from my baby shower a few weeks ago--as soon as I can figure out how to make a slide show I will put them up. I received the most lovely things and can't wait to use them!!!


Sarah said...

Yay for updates and pictures! You look so beautiful friend! I think that I noticed an error. You said that Baby B is 6 lbs 2 oz?? I would say yes, that is alot of baby. ;D

Julianne said...

Jordan, you look AWESOME!!! I can't wait for you to have the babies! They will have a wonderful mother...and with the NST's, you just sit back in a chair or on a bed and get monitored for 30 min and they measure heart rate get a feel for how the babies are reacting in the womb...I had them 2xs a week with Landon....its easy

Vicki said...

Yes! I am always so happy to see your posts! Looks like you couldn't be happier and that nursery looks ready for babies!!! Can't wait to meet them!