Monday, April 21, 2008


Now that I can eat again, I've been looking forward to eating all sorts of delicious treats and not feeling (too) guilty about it. I haven't really had any cravings, though, other than watermelon. It's all I can think about. It's been on my mind for weeks...the only problem is that watermelon is not yet in season. I finally got a tiny personal one at Yoke's...I actually left the store without one because it was $2.50, and I thought that was a little high for one or two cups of watermelon. But, alas, I went back and got it, and after tasting that delicious, sweet, juicy pink goodness I would have gladly paid $25 for it! Thank goodness summer is right around the corner and we have a great farmer's market here! I'm sure I'll be frequenting it!

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