Sunday, July 11, 2010

Little Mama

The other night, we caught Emily putting Ernie to bed.  She wrapped him up, gave him her kitty and her blankie, and even gave him a pacifier :)   Such a good little mama she is! 

Em spends lots of time with her babies and little toys...I frequently catch her reading books to them, tucking them into her little doll cradle, feeding them (she likes to water them, too :) ) and rocking them in the swings.  Sometimes she even brushes their teeth! :)

And of course, she seems to think that ALL mamas have two babies.  The other day I watched as she picked up one baby, lovingly kissed it, bent over sideways, and picked up another baby (making a sound remarkably similar to the one I make, heh).  She's a little sweetie and we can't get enough of her!


The Colemans said...

So Sweet! I love those moments-they're wonderful. I miss seeing you. Excited for mops to start up again!

LaughterThoughts said...

isn't the natural mommying instinct precious? and i bet your little man is busy poking at bugs and vrooming the firetruck.:)

...not to say that my girls haven't had interest in bugs and dirt and cars and power rangers.;)