Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two miracles in two minutes!

Emily (left) and Luke (right)
Our babies are finally here! They arrived Friday, October 10th.
Emily Jane
7:59 am
5 lbs, 12.5 oz
17.5 inches long
Luke Allen
8:00 am
5 lbs, 13 oz
18 inches long
We are completely exhausted but are so in love with our little babies! It has been a crazy but wonderful week. Many more updates and pictures to follow!


The Brooks said...

Adorable! I am making a meal on Monday. What time would be good to come over? I am excited to meet them!

Vicki said...

So sweet! You guys did a super job!!!

Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

They are beautiful!!! Can't wait to meet them! I bet you are very tired, but isn't it such a good tired?!

The Momma Chronicles said...

You guys make BEAUTIFUL babies. I can't wait for Wednesday. I'll call around lunch time to see what time is good for dinner.

Love you!

Michael and Cristi said...

You guys did good! They are so cute. I'd love to come and visit but I have a whole tribe that probably shouldn't be around such little babies for awhile. I'll correspond with Michelle and maybe we could go and see you guys! I'm so happy for you both! TWINS ARE SO MUCH FUN!

Matt and Amanda said...

They are beautiful! You guys did a great job! I will definitely miss seeing you guys so often!

Julianne said...

They are absolutely beautiful!!! I couldn't wait to see the pictures! Congratulations you guys! Enjoy every minute! are you feeling?

sharon said...

Jordan & Scott,

The twins are darling...we are so happy for you! It's great fun to read your blog.

much love,
Aunt Sharon

LaughterThoughts said...

what a gorgeous picture! adorable!